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18/10/2024 - An Evidence based path in maxillary sinus augmentationlateral & crestal approach

October 18-19th 2024
Como (Italy)
An evidence-based educational path in maxillary sinus augmentation: the lateral and crestal approach
Profs. M. Esposito, T. Testori, Dr. M. Invernizzi

This two-day course will present sinus elevation techniques and possible alternatives to sinus elevation therapy from pre-surgical planning to prosthetic restoration.
Initially the anatomy, the materials, the surgical procedures, the scientific evidence and the complications will be presented. Multiple video presentations will give participants complete exposure to various surgical sinus elevation procedures and clinical tips.

Anatomic models will be utilized to give participants a hands-on introduction to lateral window. This hands-on experience will include both traditional rotary techniques and piezoelectric surgical techniques. This educational path, led by international experts will present both evidence-based and new state-of-the-art techniques.


29-30/11/2024 -UBB Vienna 2024 : Challenging the Masters (2 days)

29 & 30 November 2024
Vienna (Austria)
Oral Bone and Soft Tissue grafting Symposium
Urban, Burkhardt, Brozovic

Join us on 29-30th November in Vienna for cutting-edge facts on grafting surgery.
Hands-on day and Symposium.

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07-08/02/2025 -PRF™ Course with Dr. Choukroun (2 days)

7 & 8 February 2025
Clinic Saint-Jean (Brussels)
Introduction into Phlebotomy
PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) in Oral Surgery

Register for our 1 or 2 day program on Friday 7 February 2025 and/or Saturday 8 February 2025 at the clinic Saint-Jean Brussels.

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07-08/03/2025 - Bone, Biomaterials & Beyond Academy : Guided Bone Regeneration Symposium (2 DAYS)

7&8 March 2025
Porto (Portugal)
Guided Bone Regeneration Symposium

The purpose of our Academy is to promote and disseminate the scientific knowledge on collagenated xenografts and their use in the appropriate clinical situation with the most suitable regenerative technique. A great deal of new surgical techniques, scientific knowledge and advanced materials have been developed during the last few years: we are nowadays, in fact, able to benefit from collagenated xenografts which can be used successfully and with predictable positive outcomes in most clinical indications. This Symposium aims to go “beyond” the specific issues related to bone and biomaterials, with the ambition to provide a comprehensive perspective for oral rehabilitation, deriving from research, long term clinical evidence and passion for our profession. Each set of lectures will be followed by selected questions from an expert in the field, as a debate. We believe that this interactive format will allow to discuss and understand in greater detail each of the presented topics.

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