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05/04/2024 - International Hands On Cadaver Course (2 days)

April 5th-6th 2024
Cremona (Italy)
International Hands-On Human Cadaver Course
Prof. T. Testori, Dr. G. Rosano

The course deals with the application of the main basic and advanced techniques of regenerative surgery around dental implants, with associated dissection on cadaver of the related muscle and neurovascular tissues.

85% of the course will be focused on practice, the keyword will be "do" and the more theoretical aspects will be combined with hands-on demonstrations.
One head for every 2 participants will be made available to give everybody the opportunity to take part directly.

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13/04/2024 - Wisdom Teeth Extractions: From Theory to Praxis

April 13th 2024
Nice (France)
Wisdom Teeth Extractions: From Theory to Practice
Dr. Jason Motta Jones

Wisdom teeth surgery is one of the most performed surgeries in our daily practices. The aim of modern treatment is to reduce complications, tissue trauma and discomfort for the patient. This can be ensured with the case and identify risks and pitfalls of the surgery.

This course will give the participants a workflow to perform a safe and easy surgery in both theoretical and practical ways. Moreover, the management and prevention of the discussed.

Additionally, theoretic information will be followed by a hands-on session based on animal models, to allow a complete practical comprehension of the different phases of the surgical process.

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27/04/2024 - Effectiveness of dual-phase biomaterials for predictable implant dentistry

April 27th 2024
Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Effectiveness of dual-phase biomaterials for predictable implant dentistry
Dr. I. Gamborena

In this one day lecture and hands on session (on real cases), several videos of live surgeries will be demonstrated to explain basic principles but also tips and tricks on how to achieve optimal pleasing esthetics with bone regeneration on immediate and delayed implant treatment protocols.

The session will be interactive and the participants can discuss directly with the expert.

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22/06/2024 - Course on VST Technique

June 22th 2024
Oporto (Portugal)
Course on VST Technique
Dr. Abdelsalam Elaskary

In this one-day lecture and hands-on session, the focus will be on the most recent and updated estethic treatment protocols with dental implants and in particularly on the Vestibular Socket Therapy which allows the treatment of fresh extraction sites with immediate implant placement that offers a maximum reliable outcome.

A special emphasis will be made on managing and optimizing optimal regenerative outcome in the estethic zone.

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04/07/2024 - New horizons in Ridge Augmentations

July 4th-5th 2024
Marseille (France)
New horizons in Ridge Augmentation. Advanced Surgical Course
Dr. Palacci, Prof. Nannmark

  1. New concepts in ridge augmentation: evolution or revolution?
  2. Regeneration : understand and evaluate the new applications for ridge augmentations and how to simplify grafting protocols
  3. Live surgeries : advanced surgical cases treated for optimal outcome
  4. Soft tissue manipulation in relation to this new concept.

18/10/2024 - An Evidence based path in maxillary sinus augmentationlateral & crestal approach

October 18-19th 2024
Como (Italy)
An evidence-based educational path in maxillary sinus augmentation: the lateral and crestal approach
Profs. M. Esposito, T. Testori, Dr. M. Invernizzi

This two-day course will present sinus elevation techniques and possible alternatives to sinus elevation therapy from pre-surgical planning to prosthetic restoration.
Initially the anatomy, the materials, the surgical procedures, the scientific evidence and the complications will be presented. Multiple video presentations will give participants complete exposure to various surgical sinus elevation procedures and clinical tips.

Anatomic models will be utilized to give participants a hands-on introduction to lateral window. This hands-on experience will include both traditional rotary techniques and piezoelectric surgical techniques. This educational path, led by international experts will present both evidence-based and new state-of-the-art techniques.