Tecnoss Biomaterial

Biomaterials Engineering

Nature provides all the necessary elements for bone regeneration or aim is to accelerate and guide this process.
Research and development of biomaterials have gone through many stages, but always toward one goal: to heal bone deficit with newly-formed quality tissue in order to achieve functional recovery.
All of this in the least time possible.
The examination of clinical results and the commercial diffusion of various kinds of products developed by the biomedical industry show a clear superiority of products of natural origin over those of synthetic derivation.
The structure of animal bone is morphologically more similar to human bone than any synthesized product.
Over the last twenty years several processes have been developed to allow the grafting of heterologous origin products in the human body without adverse reaction.
The first products developed through these technologies have shown encouraging clinical results, even if made of bone mineral matrix only.
The Tecnoss® new generation of biomaterials, thanks to a revolutionary technology, goes beyond the simple role of aiding natural bone regrowth by stimulating and accelerating this vital physiological process.

Our aim is to accelerate and guide the natural bone regeneration process
Tecnoss® developed and patented a unique biotechnology that prevents the ceramization phase of natural bone and preserves the tissue collagen, allowing an osteoclastic-type remodelling of the biomaterial, similar to physiological bone turnover.

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