Super Tacks

Super Tack Dr. Egon Euwe

Function generates the form
During the developmental phase of this project for an innovative product our scope was to create a “tack” easy to position in any type of bone, effective in fixing firmly the membrane currently chosen in GBR (either absorbable or non-absorbable) yet easily removable by simple action after the planned osteons regeneration period and aided by the blue color of the tack. 

The Supertack is born!
Starting from the standard diameter of the head, essentially important the cone’s design of the steam inclusive of a retaining harpoon shape and precisely calculate form the revolutionized the use and application of the new tack! Supertack can in fact be utilized in hard mandibular bone without danger of distortions or bends.

Surgical Kit and packaging
The cobalt blue and the bronze color result from an anodyzation process of the titanium. Decontamination, plasma cleaning, cleanroom packaging and sterilization, all follow parameters of absolute excellence. Contained in a sterilized blister the SuperTacks can be position in the stable design of the stainless steel organizer, together with an ergonomic and elegantly design hammer and applicator all included in a practical surgical kit.

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Super Tacks
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